8 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Marketing Forever

With the rise of advancement of technology, the business landscape has changed dramatically. The methods of marketing have improved as well. Before, traditional marketing involved telemarketing and sending mails, which definitely take too much time and cost a lot of money.

Now, everything is very different. Business marketing has reached new heights. It has become more effective in attracting target markets and has been proven to grow businesses.

Here are the 8 technologies that changed business marketing forever:

Printing Press

Johannes Gutenberg created the first printing press in 1450. The invention has evolved, making it more capable to print content in huge volumes. Without printing press, there are no books, magazines, journals and other printed collateral. These print marketing strategies helped business to create brand awareness and business visibility.

e - 8 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Marketing Forever

Electronic Mail

Early mail systems utilized letters that were sent between businesses to convey important messages. That really takes a lot of time. Now, email has made communication in business much easier. Plus, it has been used as an effective marketing strategy as well. Email marketing allows personal engagement with customers, sending content to loyal subscribers.

Video and Audio Production

Anywhere we go, we hear ads on radio and see video ads on billboards, TV, internet and basically, everywhere. Video and audio production has paved the way to creating more creative content, through the use of sounds and moving images. Advertisers and marketers use audio and video packages to effectively convey their messages to their target audience.

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Website Development

Now, it seems like businesses are encouraged to create their own corporate websites. A website is the digital outlet of your business. It involves your products and services, your offerings your history and every important information. Websites also host ads. Plus, websites can attract customers through ranking well in search engines, making your business visible to online consumers.

Social Media

Apart from the website, social media has also changed marketing. Social media allows businesses to market their brand, products, and services to millions of users worldwide. Social media marketing is a more interactive way of reaching to the audience. It also has unique features that are viable for effective marketing. Businesses should have social media accounts, as most people now switch to social media as their source of information.


Technology has also discovered the importance of content in keeping businesses relevant to consumers. Marketers focus on making effective content that can perform well in search engine results and can attract customers. Marketers also have to package the best content copy for their products and services.


Devices have also become smarter and better. Smartphones allow business to communicate instantly. Also, people can install software and applications in their smartphones that help them in their work productivity.  Mobile phones allow key individuals in business operate even when not in the actual office.

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Cloud technology is a breakthrough in business. It has helped entrepreneurs and businesses enhance their accessibility to various data and information. They can access shared documents anywhere and anytime through the cloud.

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