6 Helpful Hacks For More Efficient Internet Searching

Everybody goes to search engines to search about their homework or assignments. Search engines allow us to look for relevant information in milliseconds. Basically, internet searching saves more time than finding the best books, magazines, and journals and reading through all their pages.

Despite search engines fast results, some individuals find it hard to locate the most accurate and relevant results.

Well, here are six hacks on how to make internet searching more efficient:

Use unique and specific terms

In searching, you have to key in the most unique and the very specific terms for the topic. If you are looking for information about ‘marketing’, make sure you specify the details that you want to acquire from the search engine. Add words that will make it more clear, like ‘benefits’ or ‘advantages’ of marketing to ‘businesses’ or ‘people’.

Use the minus sign to narrow the search

Sometimes, when you search for information, the search engines provide you with totally far out results. Well, you can add the minus sign (-) in your search. It is equivalent to a Boolean ‘NOT’ and can narrow results by removing unwanted and irrelevant information.

s1 - 6 Helpful Hacks For More Efficient Internet Searching

Use quotes to locate a specific content

You can also use quotation marks to provide you more accurate results. Quotes will allow search engines to look for the exact words in order from all of the web pages. It is one of the most effective ways to limit the pages returned.

Take advantage of search suggestions

Sometimes, you run out of words or ideas to specify your search. Well, look below. Search engines have autocomplete systems that provide you with a list of suggestions from where you can choose. These suggestions are derived from relevant and popular searches. It also saves you time from typing.

Forget about suffixes

Do not include suffixes in searching. Just key in the base word so that the search engines will not exclude relevant pages. For example, if you want to search about ‘technological advances’, it is better to key in ‘technology’ only, so search engines may widen its search to relevant sites.

Customize your search

There are many ways on how to customize our searches. For example, you can use plus sign (+) in your query so that search engines return results that include the word ‘and’. You can also use the tilde sign (~) which generates results involving synonyms.

Do you find these hacks helpful?

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