Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018

Web design is forever evolving, but there are new ways of working that rise to the service that help web designers make a site that is more interactive, as well as aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. According to Internet Creation who are one of the leading web design agencies in Fife. The following web design trends are sure to make an impact in 2018, both the web design and marketing in general.

More Doses of Bright Colour

Bright colours make an impact, regardless of whether you run a blog or a business website. Bright colours have been popular for some time, and don’t show signs of going anywhere soon. As such, you can expect to see more bright and bold colours used in the world of web design throughout 2018.

While there have been worries surrounding bright colours in the past, web designers have been taking a few risks when it comes to bright and bold colours, and have found that they can create some eye-catching websites, without them being an eyesore.

Of course, there still is the danger of the wrong colours being used, but knowing that the use of such colours is on trend for 2018 gives you more to work with when It comes to creating a website that stands out from the rest. l

The Use of Asymmetrical Grids

Although web designers were making use of split-screen aesthetics in 2017, the use of perfect symmetry looks to be one of the popular trends in 2018. While web designers will need o ensure that one element isn’t overpowering another, the use of split screen technology is becoming popular among those wanting a website that garners attention and keeps an audience actively involved.

The use of asymmetrical grids can be used alongside other trends in 2018, such as the use of bright colour. You could split the screen using two different colours that sit well on the eye to create an eye-catching website.

Sticky Elements

The name “sticky elements” can sound like there’s something wrong, but elements that are situated in one place can really help the aesthetics of a website, and ensures it can be viewed on several platforms without hindrance. Ads and banners can float around the screen if not optimised properly, making for an intrusive visit. Sticky elements stay put, while still being in a prime position for interaction.

Of course, the practice won’t be limited to just ads and banners, as other users will also be incorporated. Online chat and other interactive elements will also be placed in an non-intrusive way, while still being visible to the user.

Voice and Natural Language

Amazon, Google and Apple all have their own assistant, which means more and more web searches are being carried out without ever touching a device. While visual search still plays an integral part of retrieving information from the Internet, the popularity of voice and natural language shouldn’t be overlooked. The trend looks to grow in 2018, so it can be worthwhile making plans now to incorporate voice search into future projects.

Subtle Animation

When it comes to designing a website, one of the most detrimental elements can be anything that causes lagging time. As such, it makes sense that we’re not decorating website with endless animations and other features that could have an impact on how the website operates. However, that’s not to say that there isn’t room for some subtle animations here and there.

How animation is instilled can depend on the project, but it’s important that such animations fit into the style of the site, and don’t take up too much time. Used in the right way, subtle animation can give your website an original edge that begs for more interaction from online users.

SVG Images

Images on a website have to look their best, but they also have to be light so bandwidth isn’t being hit harder than it should. Scalable vector graphics are fast becoming the format for online images, and look to ensure images look pixel perfect, regardless of resolution. Although today’s broadband and fibre optic is able to download images within seconds, the use of large image formats can still mean things come grinding to a halt should too many people be downloading images at the same time, which mean some users could be met with a “bandwidth exceeded” message.

While we should always look to ensure that we have the right bandwidth for our online endeavours, the use of SVG images allows web designers freer reign.

As well as being used for more generic images, the use if SVG will also aid web designers looking to make use of 3D images and 360 photography.

Interactive Content

As well as video and text still being popular, more and more web designers are finding that businesses gain traction when offering interactive content. This trend looks to be huge in 2018, with polls, quizzes and knowledge tests being instilled within several demographics.

Whether you’re an educational business news site or blog, you can be sure that there is room for interactive content that will look to win over new visitors, as well as keeping more seasoned visitors entertained.

Like any other year, 2018 will see a series of new trends, and while more conventional methods may still apply, web designer really need to ensure that they are acknowledging these trends and looking to see how they can be instilled when it comes to future projects.

The world of website design is forever changing, and many designers know its important to look for relevant updates, but it’s also worthwhile looking at trends to ensure that you’re able to balance professional design with user expectations.

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