The Affiliate Marketer’s Toolkit: What You Need to Get Started

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Affiliate marketing is appealing to many people for different reasons. However, if you’re looking to be an affiliate marketer for the long term, then there are some tools you will need to factor in. You may not require all the following in the interim, but it can be worthwhile considering such tools as well as the associated costs to ensure that your plight is a successful one. Whether you are planning on being the industry leading blog that promotes the best baby thermometer along with other products within the family and children’s health niche, or you want to focus on other health related products its important that you have the correct tools at your disposal.

With this in mind lets look at what you will need to get started!

Web Hosting Provider

When choosing a web host provider, it’s tempting to go with the service that is the cheapest, but there are other factors you need to consider. For example, how much bandwidth are you allowed each month? If your site becomes popular and you’re not able to meet the demand, it could be that potential customers come face to face with an error message.

The web hosting market is very competitive, so there’s no reason as to why you can’t find a great deal. Just be sure that you’re not sacrificing necessity for a cheaper service.

Website Design

Website design is no longer the complicated beast it once was. While there is still an element of skill involved, there are many options available to affiliate marketers that allows maintaining a professional looking website for a reasonable investment. For example, if you choose to use the WordPress platform, then there are several templates available which can be tweaked to your specifications.

Even if you’re looking for something a little more professional, this can be done by enlisting the help of a coder who can make changes for a fee. Depending on your end goal, the investment required for a website can vary, so it’s important to get an idea of cost before going any further.

It’s also worth checking what features come included with your web hosting. While every provider is different, there’s always a chance that it provides its own website design program.

Search Engine Optimisation

When you search for a company online, you will normally enter a series of search terms. A search engine will then crawl the Internet and deliver results based on the keywords entered. Keyword research is an important part of SEO, but it’s not the only aspect of SEO to consider. The way websites rank has evolved over recent years, and it’s more about giving visitors a rich experience. However, there are still several processes to follow to ensure that you’re gaining traction online.

SEO can involve many factors, and can even cross over into other territories such as digital marketing. If this is something you’ve dealt with in the past, then you may be able to undertake the role yourself. However, if you’re not too sure on what practices should be used, then it may be worthwhile reaching out to a professional. In either event, it’s important SEO is at the top of your list.

Email and Auto Responder

As you would imagine, having an email is an important tool to have if you’re engaging in affiliate marketing. There are plenty of free providers available, including Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. If you have a website, then you may want to ensure that your email is the same for a more professional look. While an autoresponder can’t give the personal touch a human can, it does serve marketers well when it comes to keeping customers informed, or ensuring newsletters are kept up to date.

Social Media Management Platform

While it may not take too much work to send a tweet or post a Facebook update, as your website becomes more popular, you may find that there is less time to post updates at the right time. Using a service such as Hootsuite or Buffer allows you to time social media updates so there being posted at the right time, regardless of what task you’re undertaking. Again, there can be a cost involved but it’s very rarely costly, and can benefit you in relation to conversions.

Link Shortening Tools

There are a variety of ways in which we can list links. In some instances, we may include our links within the text itself, whereas other instances can mean the link shows a preview of the content. However, there will be times when we must post a visible link, and ins some instances long links can be off-putting to potential customers. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools online that are not only effective, but also free of charge. Two examples of the solutions available are Google URL Shortener and Bitly.

A Realistic Plan

This can be the most important element of any toolkit, as it will be your plan that helps you achieve your marketing goals. Looking at your goals will force you to ascertain how you plan to reach these, and what turnover you can expect. Of course, there are some things that won’t always go to plan, but there is nothing stopping us tweaking the plan. Going in blind with no end goal can mean that you fall at the first hurdle, and having no plan in place can mean we’re leaving the industry as soon as we entered it.

You can become an affiliate marketer with very little, but as your popularity grows, so will the areas you need to focus on. Investing in these tools sooner rather than later means you can ensure that you’re prepared and can ensure there are no disruptions.

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