7 Incredible Tech Predictions For The Business World

The world is constantly changing. Every day is a new discovery of things that may benefit or harm us people. Technology is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It has helped people in their daily lives. It redefines everything from the past. It changes our life perspectives.

The advancement and modernization of technology will never stop until the end of time. It will continue to change and evolve.

We recently has a chat with Vectorcloud who are a leading provider of IT Support Glasgow and they have shared their seven technology predictions that are likely to happen for the business world in the coming years:

The Rise of Robots

Now, many manufacturers are creating robots. However, they were not fully developed yet. Time will come that robots will become human-like, in which they function very similarly with humans. They will have the smartest computers as their brains. They will do the work in businesses and will be much more productive and efficient than humans.

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3D Printers

In the future, businesses will skip the hassle of purchasing items and equipment. They can already print it through 3D printers. 3D printers will allow them to produce things that will be very essential in their business operations.

Print Ad Extinction

Marketing and advertising strategies will reach newest heights. Apart from internet marketing, more approaches will arise. Printing press will be forced to shut down due to the decrease in sales. Newspapers, books, and magazines will all transform to digital materials.

Data-driven Healthcare

Businesses can have technology that can analyze the health status of their employees. They do not need to conduct annual check-ups and medical consultations. The rate of employee’s absence will decrease. Businesses will soon have data-driven healthcare that knows all health conditions and automatically provides care and treatment measures for employees.

Internet World

In the future, everywhere you walk, there is internet connection. You do not have to turn your data connection on or go to the nearest establishment that has Wi-Fi connection. The world is digitalized with an unlimited and speedy internet connection that makes communication and other digital transactions more convenient and more accessible.

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More Tech-jobs

More and more jobs will be generated. According to a study, 65% of today’s students will end up in jobs that have not existed yet today. In fact, the top 10 in-demand jobs of 2010 are not even existent in 2004. As technology advances, more jobs will be invented.

Holographic Employees

In the future, employees can work from home while still being present in offices…through holograms. Amazing!

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