15 Technological Advances That Help Businesses Succeed

Technology is undeniably a big help in improving small to large businesses. The advanced devices, equipment and digital software and applications make businesses operate more productively and efficiently. With technology, more businesses are becoming successful.

Here are 15 important technological advances that help businesses:

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Mobile Applications

Businesses use a wide variety of mobile applications that provide them access to a CRM system, open or update shared documents, participate in web conferences and manage social media accounts.

Email and Office Applications

There have been various email and office applications which help businesses in their productivity. G Suite from Google and Microsoft Office 365 features document creation, slide presentation and spreadsheet management, among others.

Business Management Software

Business management applications allow businesses to perform marketing automation, human resource management, services automation and more.

Integration Applications

These apps allow you to integrate a set of enterprise computer applications. This includes Zapier, Scribe, MuleSoft, and Jitterbit.

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Content Management Systems

Businesses can be able to easily create, update or modify their websites through WordPress, Drupal, and Sitecore, among others.

Customer Self-Service Software

Customers can be able to air their concerns, questions, and feedback to businesses quickly through customer self-service software like Zendesk and Lithium.

Customer Feedback Software

Businesses can also improve end-user experience by gathering feedback customers through specialized applications like GetSatisfaction and UserVoice.

Web Conferencing Platforms

Employees, customer support representatives, and even customers can virtually communicate together through various teleconferencing platforms, including Skype Business, GoToMeeting and Join.me.

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Webinar Applications

Webinar applications allow businesses to spread important content and materials through a community-based approach. Most common apps are Cisco WebEx, GoToWebinar, and BrightTALK.

IP Telephony

Internet Protocol Telephony is gaining popularity as a method of exchanging calls, fax and other forms of information over specializes internet line. Many businesses are switching from traditional landlines to VoIP service. This includes RingCentral, 8×8 and Skype Business, among others.

Business Analytics

Business analytics performs smart data processing and evaluation. This includes the analysis of market trends, customer preferences, business performance and market capacity, among others

Audio-Video Sharing Apps

Audio-Video sharing apps are very helpful in marketing and training strategies. It is also involved in the distribution of unique content. Audio-hosting apps include Podcasts and SoundCloud, whereas video-hosting sites include YouTube and Vimeo.

E-commerce Platforms

It is very easy for businesses to set up online stores through the use of e-commerce platforms. Almost all products can be offered through e-commerce. It can be done in various market segments. E-commerce allows firms to establish a market presence in the digital world.


Virtualization software allows you to manage multiple servers more easily, including operating systems, processors and server users. The server administrator makes use of a software that divides one physical server to multiple isolated virtual environments.

Social Media Platforms

Lastly, social media platforms redefined marketing strategy. It allows businesses to reach billions of users worldwide. Social media is a more interactive way of sharing content. The most popular social media platforms are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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