How do changes in Google algorithms affect the online gambling industry?

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The ever-changing Google algorithms is something that is constantly changing and perplexing the minds of many SEO experts everywhere. While SEO experts attempt to remain ahead of the algorithms googles artificial intelligence is constantly changing to try and keep the industry on its toes.

The online gambling industry is one of the many industries that relies heavily on SEO for instance, especially online slots, SEO is a tool of generating traffic and players to their respective platforms. Many people outside the industry are often unaware of the power that being on the first page of Google for key search terms can mean for a brand’s revenue.

Where big name casino brands don’t necessarily need to spend much time financing complicated SEO campaigns, it’s down to the geniuses at the bottom of the run to second and guess and react as quickly as possible to the new algorithms that Google delivers.

What is an algorithm change?

In the early days of search engine optimisation business didn’t have much trouble working their way to the top of google rankings. It was all about Meta keywords and the complications of digital advertising ended here. Google was too simple and people were exploiting the system to show faux-relevancy. Google’s aim was to create a search engine that worked, a place where your search would return the most wholly relevant result rather than something masquerading as what you wanted.

These days, the google algorithms have adapted to incorporate and decipher many different factors which birthed the dawn of the SEO expert. However, some industries are easier to crack than the others with gambling falling near the top of the pile alongside the adult industries as being quite competitive.

The Panda Algorithm

The Panda Algorithm was first brought to the market in 2011 and was designed promote higher quality sites and demote the sites that garnered lower quality traffic. It was nicknamed ‘the farmer’ because it provided a great algorithm for detecting content farms that housed duplicated pages with duplicate content. Panda was renowned for hitting a lot of sites quite hard but for some it was only a temporary setback.

The Penguin Algorithm

The Penguin Algorithm was initially installed in 2012 and has since been developer over a number of new versions eventually leaving us to the modern day 4.2 model. The latest model attempts to reduce the amount of trust that Google has in unnatural backlinks that hold no relevance to the search.

Within the gambling industry it’s better to have a more solid standing in the industry then be fluctuating and dropping between pages. A stabilised platform can do wonders for your brand industry and your place within the market.

What does this mean for the Gambling Industry?

SEO and online gambling seemingly go hand in hand, but because of the amount of revenue there is to be made within the industry the amount of competition and the SEO industry becomes elevated. Gambling operators must understand the importance of having a quality SEO expert who can both counteract any new Google algorithms but also plan ahead and decipher both the good and weak points of your competitors. As the algorithm continues to change on a global level and the online gambling market continues to expand and protrude into different directions and avenues it’s virtually impossible for anyone without a substantial budget to gain a firm grip on the market, which is why SEO is the multi-billion pound industry that it is today.

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