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Blippex is a website that is managed by a group of technology experts and enthusiasts who are passionate in providing information about the digital world. Blippex has been in service for more than 15 years, gaining the trust of million users worldwide.

Blippex is your reliable source of the latest news and updates about search engines and digital stuff. We also offer reliable content about technology and its impact to various world applications, most especially business. We firmly believe that technology has helped in improving the people’s lives. Technology has changed the business landscape, making their operations more productive, efficient and accurate. We envision that technology can offer more advancements to the world that will redefine our way of living.

Blippex also aims to provide you easier access to information. Our knowledge with search engines can help you learn some tips, hacks and guide on how to be more specific and efficient in internet searching. Further, we would like to emphasize the essence of search engines in the various digital marketing strategies.

Blippex is driven to expand your knowledge and advance you to innovation.

Let Blippex take you to the future!

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