10 Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been widely used by businesses in effectively marketing their brand or company. SEO has been proven to increase traffic, maintain high ranking and promote brand awareness at fewer costs.

White hat SEO technique is more effective in yielding to better marketing results. It involves the use of quality inbound links, the creation of quality content, use of keywords and proper organization of site to garner organic search traffic.

However, some users commit SEO mistakes that yield to terrible results. Here are the 10 common SEO mistakes that everyone should avoid:

Using Wrong Keywords

The primary objective is to optimize your post with SEO keywords to increase ranking in search results. But the question is: “Have you used the right keywords?” Make sure that you use keywords that users use in searching for content.

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Keyword Stuffing

Do not resort to overusing SEO keywords just to achieve results. Keyword stuffing actually hurts SEO performance, as search engines register them as spam. Your content will also sound unnatural if you overuse keywords.

Keyword-Content Mismatch

Some people use keywords for the sake of using them, forgetting about the fact that it should match the content. Search engines try to achieve accurate results through keywords. However, these mismatches can make irregularities in search engines indexing and ranking of results.

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One of the black hat SEO techniques is the use of duplicate content. Publishing non-original content is an offense as it is a form of plagiarism. Make sure that your contents are original. You can also find inspiration from existent contents, however, look for different angles and add some twists.

Forgetting Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are very important. They represent your content and are the very first factors that search engines crawl in web pages and sites. Thus, if you optimize your headlines and descriptions with SEO keywords, your website performance will improve as well.

Missing Quality Links

Content marketers should always include quality external links in their content. Make sure that the link is relevant and well-ranking. Quality links can help you increase traffic, in which search engines will not tag your content as a spam.

Disregarding Local Searches

According to a study, most U.S. online users perform a local search before going to the general results. So, do not ignore local search marketing. Make sure that your business name, address and phone number are accurate on the niche and local directories.

Poor Content

Consumers need fresh content. When you publish new content frequently, search engines can identify you as an active business or website that is dedicated to attending to customer’s needs. This will increase you’re your chance of higher conversion rates.

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Ignoring Analytics

Many content marketers ignore the essence of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. These two are important because they track and provide an overview of your website’s performance.

Not Optimizing URL

Apart from the title, description and content, don’t forget to optimize your URL. Also, avoid long and confusing URL. Make it short and concise with SEO keywords.

Are you doing one of these SEO common mistakes?


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